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James Morgan Young
Fort Walton Beach, Florida

St. Stephens UMC, St. Stephens, Alabama
Alabama-West Florida Conference Historical Society
Annual Meeting, September 2016

About Me and Where I Live
My Immediate Family and My Parents and Grandparents
My Young/Richard/Morgan/Murphree and Related Family Groups

This web site is becoming more like an attic -- filled with
assorted tales and things I enjoy doing.

My Sister Married a Yancy - Here Are Their Family Groups
Food I Remember
Some Old Family Photos and Family Stories
A Few Old Family Letters, Obituaries, Pension Applications
I Had a Great Career in the Air Force

Here are three websites that I created and currently am the webmaster for.

The Vardaman History Project - Memories of the Town Where I Grew Up
I'm Active in The Murphree Genealogical Association
I'm Also Active in the Genealogical Society of Okaloosa County

My Mother wrote The Cherry Hill - Poplar Springs - Reid Community in Calhoun County, MS
(Second Edition, 266 pages, by Monette M. Young)

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