My Parents and Grandparents

My father was Thomas Wilson Young and my mother was Monette Morgan. Daddy was born in Vardaman, MS, in 1914 and Mother was born in 1915 on her parent's farm in the Reid Community about six miles north of there. They met when they were in high school at Vardaman and were married in 1932. My older sister, Barbara Frances Young, was born in 1933, and my younger sister, Diana Young, was born in 1942. I was born in 1938.

[Young Family] This photo was taken in the summer of 1945 when Daddy came home on leave from basic training on his way to California to be sent to the Pacific. That's me on the left front. Barbara is just behind me with Mother on her left. Daddy is holding Diana. Diana was 3 years old, I was 7, Barbara was 12, Mother had just turned 30 and Daddy was almost 31.

The picture was taken in front of my grandfather Young's house in Vardaman. In this photo, we are facing west and are squinting at the sun. The "downtown" part of Vardaman is about a block behind us.

This is the last photograph I know of that was taken of us as a family. Daddy returned home from the Pacific in January 1946 but died unexpectedly the following July. Barbara lived to be 62. She died in April 1996. Mother lived to be 84. She died in February 2000.

Daddy was the oldest surviving child of Robert (Bob) Gabus Young and Sarah Frances (Sally) Richard Young. They had several children who lived only a few days but only Daddy and his younger brother, James Richard Young, lived to grow up. Uncle Pete (James Richard Young)died in 2007. Mother was the only surviving child of Albert Hosea Morgan and Eula Barbara Murphree Morgan.

My mother's grandfather, Reuben Reese Morgan, was a Confederate veteran as was my father's grandfather, Thomas Wilson Young. We have at least one Revolutionary War veteran among our ancestors (David Murphree) and my grandfather Morgan's grandfather John Morgan was a veteran of the Seminole Wars.

Some members of the family have done extensive research in our genealogy and I've included a sizeable number of Young/Richards/Blue/Winter/Morgan/Murphree/Hardin (and other) family groups on a family groups page. I've also included pages with selected old photographs and another with family documents. Mother's book The Cherry Hill/Poplar Springs/Reid Community in Calhoun County, Mississippi contains a wonderful amount of history of that area and the families who lived there.

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