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The Emerald Coast

This stretch of Gulf Coast in northwest Florida has a lot to offer--white sandy beaches; plenty of gulf, bay, and bayou water for boating; and clean, clear water for swimming and diving.

The tourism folks call this stretch of coast between Pensacola and Panama City the Emerald Coast because of the color of the water when the sun shines through the waves.

[Emerald Coast]

For once, they aren't exaggerating. The water is really this color and the beaches are even whiter than the sand appears in this photo.


The beaches are pretty, but I also enjoy some of the sights on the Sound.

This is Fort Walton Landing, a small park overlooking the Sound in downtown FWB. The city bought the property years ago and planned to sell it. They apparently couldn't find a buyer for the price they wanted and folks began using it as a park. A local group contributed the gazebo and the city put in some picnic tables, a boardwalk, and the stage you see here. The city council finally officially designated it a park. It has a small boat ramp, a boat dock, and a little fishing pier.

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