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Fort Walton Beach, Florida

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Fort Walton Beach

Fort Walton Beach is on Florida's Gulf Coast between Pensacola and Panama City. Destin, a popular tourist destination, is about six miles to the east.

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The main sources of income in the area are the military bases with tourism close behind. There is little industry but there are still many beautiful beaches and glorious water.

[Beach] The Chamber of Commerce doesn't exaggerate when it advertises the beautiful beaches and water here. The beach sand is rated as being among the whitest in the world and this stretch of the coast deserves the name they've given it, Emerald Coast. Like many other areas, however, unrestricted access to the beaches is fast disappearing as more condos and hotels are built.

You can find information about this area from sites such as the Fort Walton Beach city site, and get a good feel for the area from the local newspaper, the Northwest Florida Daily News. I've taken some photos of things around the area that I think are interesting (signs, old buildings, and so forth) and have them on my own Fort Walton Beach pages which are here, here, and here.

The weather here is similar to that in Mobile, Pensacola, and Panama City. The temperature ranges from the mid teens in some years to 100 degrees or so with high humidity being normal. Here is the current weather. The temperature here is mild most of the time and I wear short sleeve shirts all year with a light jacket for the colder times.

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