We've enjoyed many family pets over the years. Agnes (the unwed mother) adopted us when we were stationed at Andrews AFB. She moved with us to Edwards AFB and was joined there in 1978 by Nellie. They both moved with us to Florida in 1979.

Agnes died and Nellie was joined by Maude. Maude was a Florida native. We brought her home from the animal shelter on 29 June 1983 when she was nine and a half weeks old. She was an outside cat for a couple of years (see her notched left ear) but I snagged her from Wanda and made an inside cat of her. She was a good friend for many years and died in 2003 just short of her 20th birthday.
Dawn's family had Albert and Hannah with them in south Florida. When they moved to Gainesville and lived in a small apartment temporarily while their house was being built, Albert came to live with Wanda and Hannah came to live with me. Hannah looked just like Maude, but she didn't have a notch in her ear! Albert died a few years later but Hannah provided me good company for many more years before her death on 27 August 2013.
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