My Family

[Paige, Dawn, and Me, 1971] Having a picnic near Andrews AFB, Maryland in June 1971. Wanda was the photographer. I still have the old WWII army blanket that Paige, Dawn, and I were on.
[Paige] These are high school photos of
Paige (left) and Dawn (right).
Dawn and her husband have two beautiful children,
Natalie who was born in 2001 and Christopher who was born in 2003.

Paige her husband have two beautiful boys,
Nathaniel who was born in 2001 and Nicholas who was born in 2003.

When Natalie, Nathan, Nick, and Christopher all get together, they're a handful!

Both daughters and their families in November 2012.

We've always loved animals and we've usually had a cat or two. Hannah was the most recent feline friend I've had living with me. She died of cancer in August 2013. Hannah originally lived in south Florida with Dawn and her family.

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