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The Robert Gabus Young House in Vardaman

[Bob Young House] Robert Gabus (Bob) Young and his wife Sarah Frances (Sally) Richards Young on the porch of their relatively new house in Vardaman. This is the house where their sons Tom and Pete were born and raised. One of the little magnolia trees in the front survived. It was accidently planted too near the house and was never moved. About 40 years after this photo was made, the tree's roots began damaging the house foundation and the dampness trapped by the leaves falling on the porch roof caused it to rot.

I was born in this house, in the front room on the right as you face the house.

Sally Young died here in 1943, Tom Young died here in 1946, and Bob Young died here in 1957. He had married again and his widow, Myrtice Dye Robertson Young, lived here until the early 1970s. She moved to a different house and this house was then sold and the new owners remodeled it. The large front porch, characteristic of that style of house, was removed during the remodeling.

This is the way the house looks today, and the magnolia tree is still there. To those of us who knew the wrap-around porch, the house looks "funny" today.

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