Thomas W. "Tom" and James R. "Pete" Young on Guam

1945 in the Pacific

After Tom (Thomas Wilson) Young completed basic training in Alabama in 1945, he stopped at home for a short leave and then went on to California where he was put on a ship for Guam. This photo was taken on Guam and is one of several that he and his buddies took and sent home to their families.

[Tom & Pete] [Tom & Pete 2]
Brothers on Guam

Uncle Pete (James Richard Young) served in the Navy during WWII. At one time in 1945, his ship docked at an island near enough to Guam so that he could hitch a flight there. He found that Daddy's (Tom Young) outfit was 'up in the hills' and he caught rides jeeps and trucks until he found it. These photos show them together.

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